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Studio de yoga chaud sur la Rive-Sud de Montréal à Brossard – Hot yoga Studio



Venez découvrir notre magnifique studio ainsi que tous les bienfaits du yoga chaud !
Plusieurs styles de cours vous sont offerts, du Yin tout en douceur au Vinyasa intense. Vous trouverez assurément un cours qui rejoindra vos attentes.


“On my yoga mat this morning, I felt like I was home, and I was… I felt like I was safe, and I was… I found myself at the roots of what I am, and by cutting myself from the rest of the world to find my inner peace, I connected more than I ever did with you all… by forgetting you to be alone, I felt more intensely than I ever did the desire to see you again… I felt ready to receive from the outside world everything beautiful it can offer me and to put aside everything shitty it can bring on the way… I didn’t felt more beautiful or better than others, I felt simply beautiful and strong without any needs for comparison… Isn’t what self-esteem is ? Feeling confidence without comparison to do so ? I do believe it is…
On my yoga mat this morning, I felt like I can do everything… like there is a lot to grab for everyone in this world… like I can take what can be mine in this life, which is a lot, without taking what’s yours…
This morning, my yoga mat was a flying carpet and the roots of a strong tree at the same time… and by allowing this moment to be, by allowing me to be there, tears came naturally to my eyes like something was being washed away… and I can only thanks you all, friends, family, students and teachers, for bringing me there without even knowing you were, for being such beautiful inspiring peoples that are motivating me to find myself so I can connect with you better… May this peace follow me outside my yoga practice and reach you all…”
– Victor Letendre